Turkeys will weigh 10-16/lbs

Turkeys are $6.99 per pound


To reserve your turkey, click the contact us button or email us at majesticorchard@gmail.com

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Turkey Pick Up

Saturday November 22nd

  • TASH Farmers Market, Tarrytown NY 8:30a-2p
  • Majestic Farm

Sunday November 23rd

  • Irvington Farmers Market, Irvington NY 9a-1:30p
  • Majestic Farm
  • Rock Hill NY, TBD

Monday November 24th

  • Majestic Farm

Tuesday November 25th

  • Majestic Farm
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Broad Breasted Bronze Turkeys

The Bronze has been the most popular turkey variety for most of American history. It originated from crosses between the domestic turkeys brought by European colonists to the Americas and the eastern wild turkeys they found upon their arrival. The hybrid vigor of this cross resulted in turkey stocks that were larger and more vigorous than the European birds, and they were also much tamer than wild turkeys. The coppery-bronze colored metallic sheen, which gives the variety its name, was part of the inheritance from its wild ancestors.

Bronze-type turkeys were known by the late 1700s, but the name “Bronze” did not formally appear until the 1830s. Throughout the 1800s, breeders standardized the Bronze, and occasional crosses were made back to the wild turkey. The Bronze variety was recognized by the American Poultry Association in 1874.

Today, the Broad Breasted Bronze is no longer used by the turkey industry, but it is promoted for seasonal, small-scale production. Naturally mating, long-lived, slow growing strains of Bronze turkeys, known as the Standard Bronze, have been left even further behind by the turkey industry. A few tenacious breeders maintained small flocks, participating in poultry shows, and raising a few for family and friends. The Bronze was not used for commercial production for decades until the early 21st century, when renewed interest in the biological fitness, survivability, and superior flavor captured consumer interest and created a growing market niche.

The Bronze variety is stately and imposing in appearance. The standard weight for young toms is 25 pounds and for young hens is 16 pounds. Since, however, the Standard Bronze has not been selected for production attributes, including weight gain for years; so many birds may be smaller than the standard. Broad Breasted Bronze turkeys are also in need of conservation. Only a few hatcheries maintain breeding flocks, and many of these are reducing their number.