The Orchard is now closed

U-Pick Hours of Operation

We are so grateful for all of the fantastic pickers this season. You were so lovely! Also such big fans of the apples that we have run out of apples. Next season will be even bigger so please stay tuned for 2020 picking details. 

We do have pork, chicken and turkey available on the farm, please contact us if you'd like to stop by.


We are still building! At this time the parking is along Majestic Road. There is a solid 10-15 minute walk down to the picking. The land is rugged and diverse just like mother nature intended. Please wear proper hiking/walking shoes and expect mud, ditches, sticks, grass and bugs. WE ARE ORGANIC! That means bugs are ALIVE and well here at Majestic, along with natural growth in the orchard.


BRING A PICNIC! We are anticipating having food for sale in 2020 but at this time there is no hot food option. You are welcome to bring in your own picnic, foods, drinks and all to enjoy while at the farm. We do have light snacks and drinks for sale in addition to all of our meat selection for take home enjoyment.


We like dogs. Dogs like chickens. We have FREE ROAMING CHICKENS all over the farm. Please keep your dog on a leash at all times or we will have to change our dogs allowed policy.

Where is the Orchard?

Majestic is located at 134 Majestic Road in Mountain Dale NY 12763

Apple Varieties

Pristine Apple, August

  An early summer apple! Tree bears crops of medium to large fruit with a sweet-tart taste and a crisp, breaking flesh. Fruit features canary-yellow skin with a slight pink blush. Excellent for cooking, sauce, and eating fresh. 

Zestar, August

Extremely hardy high-quality mid-late summer dessert apple. Medium-sized blocky round fruit covered with red stripes and blush. Juicy and crisp with a well-balanced acid/sweet flavor.

Michael Phillips, New Hampshire orchardist and author of The Apple Grower, said to me, “When you tree-ripen Zestar, it’s fabulous.” Northern Maine orchardist Steve Miller added, “That’s an impressive apple. From the standpoint of appearance and quality, they’re first rate.”

Idared, October

 Idared, October: Savor the old fashioned goodness of baked apples, especially Idareds, which hold their shape perfectly and look beautiful on the table. Developed in Idaho, it's a cross between two old time NY apples, Jonathan and Wagner, first raised in Penn Yan in 1791. Sweetly tart and juicy, great for sauce, cooking, eating, baking and storage.

Crimson Crisp, September

This beautiful pure crimson red apple was developed in cooperation between the University of New Jersey, Purdue University, and The University of Illinois in the early 1970s and released in 2005. The flesh is firm, crisp, and very white with a tart and lightly spicy flavor. The apple stores well in the refrigerator lasting for several weeks. Crimson Crisp is a wonderful eating apple, slow to brown, and would be a great addition to a salad or sandwich. If you are a juice or cider maker this is the apple for you.

Newtown Pippin, October

 Newtown Pippin, October: A venerable old variety originating in New York in the early 1700’s. The Newtown Pippin apple, native to what is now the borough of Queens in the City of New York, is a late-harvested, medium-large, flattish round, green-skinned, yellow-tinged, slightly russetted apple with a remarkably balanced tart/sweet flavor and an aroma described as “piney” by some. It is noted for the quality of the fresh and fermented cider it yields, its superior baking qualities, its excellence as out-of-hand eating apple, and its ability to mellow and improve in flavor with storage.

Golden Russet, October

 Round medium-sized russet fruit. Excellent eating; keeps all winter and well into spring. One of the best apples dried.

The champagne of cider apples, ripening late in fall when the best sweet cider is ready to be made: sweet, balanced, thick and smooth. Also recommended as a sharp component for fermented cider.

Ashmead's Kernel, October

An after-dinner apple of unparalleled quality. Not for those who like mild sweet apples. Each bite is an intense aromatic sting of sharp and sweet, with hints of other indescribable but absolutely wonderful tastes and aftertastes.  

Esopus Spitzenburg, October

For more than 200 years “Spitz” has been a choice dessert and culinary variety, mentioned in nearly every list of best-flavored apples. Slightly subacid, crisp and juicy. Excellent acid source for sweet or fermented cider. Medium-large bright red round-conic fruit, covered with russet dots.

Moderately vigorous tree with easily trained wide-angle branches. Forever famous as Thomas Jefferson’s favorite apple though it vastly prefers New York and New England to Virginia.

Enterprise, October

Firm and crisp, with a spicy aroma and mild tartness. Extremely disease-resistant to apple scab, cedar apple rust and fire blight; moderate resistance to powdery mildew. Keeps 5-6 months if refrigerated. Introduced circa 1993 Inside, the apple has yellowish-white, firm juicy flesh. It is aromatic, with a slightly-tart flavor.

Galarina, September

Galarina are small to medium-sized apples, with some ribbing, and green-yellow skin almost fully covered by red. The skin is smooth, but thick and tough. The bite is very crisp and juicy into coarse-grained yellow flesh. Sugar is foremost and a little aggressive but ultimately nicely balanced with tartness. Given the modern preference for sweetness, that is probably the way to be.

Querina (Florina), October

Florina bears medium to large fruit, skin very attractive, purple red covering almost completely the yellow background. Flesh is medium firm and aromatic,[2] a blend of sweet and tart,[4] uses mainly for fresh eating. Fruits keeps well for approximately three months. 

Come Pick, Relax and Enjoy the Sullivan County Catskills

We will have ORGANIC U-PICK APPLES this fall

Organic U-Pick Apples. Family - friendly outdoor farm experience for all.  Eat Organic Fruit. Kid friendly Apple Picking.